Slaapkamer Jongen met Meubels op Maat

Slaapkamer Jongen Interieur Ontwerp

Around the age of 7 or 8, kids tend to spend more time in their rooms. They also start having their own decorating preferences.

In this bedroom, with limited square meters, we went for an efficient use of the space and for basic, solid items with a future-proof design.

All items are custom made. The rounded corner at one side of the wardrobe takes less space than the usual rectangle shape of a typical wardrobe and makes it easier to move around freely in the room. Also, curves in the interior are appealing and add a more human quality to the space.

The long desk from wall to wall is floating under the windows where one can most take advantage of natural daylight.

The colours are basic and quiet: pale yellow on the walls, grey oak on the floor, shades of grey for the furniture. We added some colour and brightness in the details: some bold green (the boy’s favourite colour) accessoires such as the sun block fabric of the roman blinds. The leather loop handles give a further boyish touch to the room.

Interior design by Stefania Rastellino

Photography by Anna Giulia Gregori

Custom furniture made by Meuviro